" Want Thrill? Try Rampage! "


Paridhi 2019 presents "Rampage",a Robotics event.




50/- Per Team

Game play:


Francis Castle, a notorious criminal, police Dept have put a bounty on his head, you and other 2 participants have to get the bounty prize(prize money) so, the first one, who will get Francis by defeating all the challenges which will come in front of them while taking down Francis, will be the bounty winner


1) There will be three bots, and the arena will be divided into 3 sections, three bots will be placed at the starting section of the arena, to get to the second section they have to perform some specific tasks after completing the tasks, their doors to the 2nd section will be opened

2) Now they will enter into a maze which has 3 inlet path but only one outlet path, they have to be care full while running through the maze that there will be some loops and dead ends, try to avoid those things.

3) Now the bot who will be the first coming out from the maze will enter into the 3rd section,

4) Now they have to Get Francis who will be placed at the end of the section, there are 3 paths to get to the Francis , and three of them will be heavily guarded, they have to choose any one of those paths(keep it in mind that, when a bot has already entered into a path, that path will not be available anymore for them, they have to choose a path among the, remaining options ), now they have take down all of the guards(such mechanism will be fitted into the bot) and get Francis

*This is an on spot event, Bots will be provided by us*


Rajdeep Senapati: +91 80178 75933

Kuntal Roy : +91 72787 86974

Ashutosh Sharma : +91 91633 55166