" Risk Everything 2 Win Everything!! "


Paridhi 2019 presents "KICK-O-MANIA", the soccer challenge where you compete against the bests in the game of FIFA 11.




60 Per user

GAME PLAY : (Each person)

It is a multiple round knockout event (1 VS 1).

The first round will be played by all the registered users.

The winner of every round progresses to the next knockout round

Opponents will be chosen randomly.

At any point in the tournament the organizer/coordinator has the right to dismiss the match and disqualify a player in case of fraud detected.

A match will last for 8 minutes (4 min half) for all the knockout rounds, except the SEMI- FINALS and FINALS where the match length will be 10 minutes (5 min half).

A coin toss will take place prior to every match. On the basis of the coin toss, the LOSER gets to choose whether the match will be an International clash or a Club fixture. The WINNER selects the team he/she will play with first.

The GAME DIFFICULTY and the GOAL KEEPER level will be set to 'World Class' for the whole of the tournament.

If the winner is not decided in normal time (8 min and 10 min in case of semi's and finals), then only the first half of 4 min a half match will be played if the winner is not decided by that, the second half will be played of that 4 min half match with the golden goal rule if the winner is not decided after that a coin toss will take place.

If required players can bring their own headsets.

Participants will be given 2 mins before every match to configure their controls according to their needs.

Participants who do not arrive in time will be disqualified for the next round.

ONLY the participants will be allowed inside the competition are. NO other person will be allowed to enter the area.


If the LAN connection terminates unexpectedly before the first half, the match will be restarted irrespective of the current score line.

If the LAN connection terminates after the first half, then the first half scores will be noted and a new match will be played till the first half and the overall score of both the matches will be taken into consideration.

In case a participant deliberately terminates the LAN connection, he/she will be IMMEDIATELY disqualified irrespective of the reason behind the action

Decision of the coordinators will be FINAL and ABSOLUTE in case of any unexpected contradictions.

. The coordinators have the right to amend any of the above stated rules under any unavoidable scenario.


Bhaskar Ghosh : +91 89440 41766

Niladri Pal : +91 95478 97799

Pritam Kumar Ray : +91 +91 95938 49333