" Just follow me and run like your life depends on it. Because it does..! "


Paridhi 2019 presents "CROSS-ROAD",an Autonomous Robotics event.




100 per Team

GAME PLAY : (Each team consists of maximum four members)


-To build an autonomous bot. This bot requires ir sensors to follow the line and sensors to detect the presence of walls.

The bot will start from a given starting point and will have to make its way to the finish autonomously through the line as well as maze.

General Rules:

In case of disputes, decision of the event coordinator(s) will be final

The team size can be a minimum of one member to a maximum of four members

LEGO parts will NOT be allowed.

Only electrically powered fully autonomous bots are allowed. Failing to do so will lead to direct disqualification

Only 220V AC outlet (direct power supply) will be provided for power supply. The participants must make rest of the arrangements to power their bot.

The potential difference between any two points should not exceed 24 volts

Participants may require to bring some leds and if possible buzzer.

Any damage to the arena, intentional or unintentional, will lead to direct disqualification

Event Rules

Width of the line is about 2.5cm and the width of the wall passage will be 25cm.

The bot will have to complete the track (line + wall) in a given allotted time. Number of laps, points for laps and other info (if any) will be told on the day of the event.

We will select top few teams from the prelims to appear in the finals. Winners will be declared on the basis of TOTAL SCORE earned.

In case of any technical problems during the final run we won’t restart the game..

Scoring Patterns:

The checkpoints in the arena will carry +50points

Only ONE checkpoint can be skipped in any lap with a penalty of -100points

Restart will lead to penalty of -200points

For every hand-touch, there is a penalty of -30points. Infinite number of hand-touches are allowed.

The Timer will not be stopped in case of hand-touches.

If the bot finishes all the checkpoints before the allotted time, the remaining time will be added to the final score as bonus

Total Score=Checkpoints Covered * 50 + Bonus Points - Penalty


Rahul Sharma : +91 95702 57913

Shilpi Kundu : +91 84208 62939

Pratik Kumar Saha: +91 80174 60145

Sample Arena: