" You Gotta Become War!! "

" All warfare is based on deception "


The player takes on the role of various characters during a single-player campaign. The character's involvement in the plot occurs simultaneously and overlaps the events in the game. As such, the player's perspective changes from one character to another between missions. Each mission features a series of objectives; the player is led to each objective with the heads up display, which marks its direction and distance.

PARIDHI 2019 presents "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare", a Gaming event.




400 Per team


All matches must be played in their entirety unless both teams agree to cancel the match.

Randomized maps MUST be used. Verbal agreements will not receive staff support.


The admin is responsible for ensuring all settings are correct prior to launching the map.

A "Lag Test" is not required unless the non-hosting team requests one be completed. This is a test round that doesn't count and uses the standard game settings that will be used during the match. For the lag test, a map that is not scheduled for play must be used. If the game lags during this test, a new host must be chosen. If both teams cannot agree on an acceptable host, a ticket must be submitted by both teams to cancel the match.

Delay Between Rounds

Teams may not delay the match for more than 5 minutes between each round/map. A round is defined as a stopping point during the match when match settings may be altered, and/or players may switch sides or change equipment.

Playing Man Down

A team can start a map shorthanded unless it is for a "Kill Dependent Game Mode" (for a description of what a "Kill Dependent Game Mode" is, please see above). You can only be shorthanded by one player. For example, in a 4v4, a team can start a map with 3 players. If you are missing more than one player, you cannot start a map. This rule applies to all matches except for 1v1s.

Team Killing

Deliberate and repeated team-killing or committing suicide on purpose during any Kill-Dependent game mode will result in a forfeit of the map. If a team is accused of violating this rule, the accuser must provide valid video proof. Complete the match and then report the outcome.

Tie Game

If a map results in a tie, the map will be replayed with the same sides and settings.

Team Changing

Team changing in-game is not allowed. If a player joins the wrong team upon launch, the map will be restarted. Abuse of this rule will result in a lock/ban. If a player changes teams after the first kill, the offending team will forfeit the map.

Lag Issue

If there is a lag issue, please contact admin immediately. Abusing this pause without valid proof will result in severe penalty.

Restricted Items

Using equipment from the restrictions list during a game will result in a forfeit of that map. Using the equipment includes holding it while running, walking, activating, throwing and/or placing it on the ground.

Preset Classes

Modifying the preset classes from default will result in a map forfeit for the hosting team.


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Pritam Kumar Ray : +91 95938 49333