Paridhi 2017 presents “Survotech”, a civil event for all the participants.


Team of 3(max)


80 Per Team

Problem Statement:-

“Ever experienced getting lost in an island, forest, no-man’s land? What if you only have a compass in your hand and your brain as the only tool to find your way out of it? Well! PARIDHI 2K17 introduces the new event “.
With the simple and basic knowledge of using a hand compass and solving a few riddles, find your way out to reach the treasure in the least possible time.

Rules and Regulations:-

Each team will be provided a hand compass and a measuring tape. Any other measuring instruments will NOT be allowed in the event.

Participants/teams are to bring their own calculators/cell phones for calculations related to measurement or solving numerical questions. No calculators or cell phones will be provided.

Different paths/routes will be allotted to different teams which is to be followed or traversed to reach their particular finish point.

There will be a certain number of “Station points” for each path. The distance and bearing (Angle) of the next station point will be disclosed by solving riddles/numericals given at that station point.

Hints will be provided after a certain period of time if the teams are unable to solve the riddle at a given station point but at the cost of a particular time penalty as decided by the coordinator. (Fixed for every team).

The team to reach the finish point in the least time will be declared as the winner.



Sandipan Dhar : 8584934764

Saurabh Rai : 9831072290