Paridhi 2017 presents “Sputnik”,an Aerodynamic-Robotics event.


Team of 2(max)


80 (first time)

40 (repeat)


It's nearly the middle of the 20th century, the Cold War is intense and has found a new avenue. The two super powers U.S.A. and U.S.S.R. are leaving no stone unturned in the quest for space supremacy. The outcome of this space race affects the future of humanity.
We at Megatronix bring to you "Sputnik", your chance to show your Rocket science expertise!!You have the duty to build a water rocket from scrap, as the fuel is very expensive and raw materials scarce after the Second World War. The aim is to achieve maximum height and time of flight while keeping deviation minimum. So enter if you dare in this extreme clash. But remember your actions may alter the world as we know it today, as with great power comes great responsibility...
Not sure how exactly to proceed while making the rocket??? Don't worry! We have made a special DIY video keeping you in mind! Find it attached at the top!!

Event consists of a single round. Teams are allowed two launches each. The better of the two is recorded. The teams can also take Repeats.

Judging Criteria:-

The final judgement is based on the total points scored by the team.

The rockets are marked on the time of flight and the maximum height reached.

Decision of the organisers is final.

In case the rocket deviates and gets stuck at a height, then the total time of flight before that point will be recorded.

Final Score = { 2*( height reached in metres ) + ( time of flight in seconds)}

Rules and Regulations:-

Water rockets can have multiple stages. Parachute, gliding and other mechanical launch mechanisms are allowed AS LONG AS THE ROCKET IS RELEASED AT NINETY DEGREE WITH THE GROUND. Booster mechanisms are allowed as well.

Use of electronic components and chemical explosives are banned.

Teams are advised to get more than one water rocket, in case of any damage to one. But the water rockets must be identical.

Two attempts will be given and the best of the two will be recorded.

The team will be disqualified/given another chance to remodel if the model is found to be dangerous in anyway. Decision of the organisers is final.

The rocket body should be made only with plastic bottles of aerated soft drinks of maximum capacity 2.5L and should be free of any fabrication failures or dents caused by heat exposure. More than one bottle can be used but the total volume must be less than 2.5L

Participants are supposed to get their own launching gears and pads and same equipment cannot be shared by other teams

In case of repeat the points recorded in the primary attempt will no longer be valid.

The provided pump will only be compatible with common bicycle valves . THE PIN WILL NOT BE PROVIDED.

In case of a repeat the previous records will hold no value.

In case of a tie, the maximum heights reached would be considered. In case of a further tie, the teams could be called for a relaunch each. In case both teams are not able to arrive, it will be settled finally by a coin toss.

Results will be declared along with prize distribution after the closure of the competition on the 20th of March, 2017.


Rohan Tripathi :  9748843499