"Pierce It,Blow It"


" Pierce The Blow ". This is the motto.

Paridhi 2017 presents “PIERCING BLOW”, a gaming event for the students.


Team of 5



Part 1: Competition Rule

Competition Format

- Game: Piercing Blow

- Game Format:

Knock out. Winner advances to next stage

Each game will have 2 matches (first half and second half)

Match Format: 5 vs. 5 on Bomb Mission

Each Match will have 10 rounds

Each Round will have 3 minutes

Only a one member per a team can use sniper rifle

Players are allowed picking up of all weapons from dead character.

**However, picking up a sniper rifle while your team member is already holding another is prohibited.

Competition Format

The team with more winning round will achieve 1 points

If the match score is draw, another match of 3 rounds will be played and it will go on till one team wins

Loser team will have 0 point

Part 2 : Items and Maps

List of available weapons in PBNC 2015

  • Assult Rifle (14)
  • K-2
  • SG 550 Ext.
  • AK-47 Ext.
  • M4A1 Ext.
  • F2000 Ext.
  • G36C Ext.
  • AUG A3
  • AUG A3 D
  • FAMAS Commando
  • FMS G2 Scope
  • SCAR-L Carbine
  • SCAR-L Recon
  • SS2-V4 Parasniper

  • SMG (10)
  • K-1
  • MP5K Ext.
  • Spectre Ext.
  • K-1 Ext
  • MP7 Ext.
  • UMP45 Ext.
  • P90 Ext.
  • P90 Ext. D
  • krS S.V
  • OA-93
  • P90 M.C

  • Sniper Rifle (10)
  • SSG-69
  • PSG1
  • Dragunov
  • L115A1
  • chT N200
  • VSK 94
  • Winchester M70
  • DSR-1
  • SVU
  • mG.338

  • Shotgun (4)
  • 870MCS
  • M1887W
  • SPAS-15
  • K-teC KSG

  • Pistol (9)
  • K-5
  • P99 & HAK
  • Desert Eagle
  • MK23 Ext
  • Dual Handgun
  • Dual D-Eagle
  • Glock 18
  • C. Python
  • Colt 45

  • Maching Gun (2)
  • MK.36 Ext
  • RPD

List of functional items available in PBNC 2015

Increase Grenade Slot

C4 Speed Kit

All parts equipment are available in PBNC 2015

**NOTE:You may not able to Parts Equipment on PBIC 2015

Official Maps for PBNC 2015

-Downtown, Luxville, Stormtube, Sand Storm, Mid Town, Boom City

Part 3 : Player Rule


Public Chatting is restricted, while Team Chatting is allowed

Personal Equipment

The players can use their personal equipment, but there are constraints

The equipment must not have scripted base macro

The drivers for the equipment must be provided 7 days before the tournament

Illegal Programs Bug Definitions

Only the organizers can rule whether the the use of illegal software and bugs took place during the game

However, captains can voice protests and are to do so immediately after the use of illegal software is noticed

Taking advantage of any map bugs is strictly forbidden

Character assisted boosting also is strictly forbidden

Abnormal Situation

If there are computer error occurred during the match. Would the match be paused or stopped at that moment.

Should a computer error occur, the player is to raise his/her left arm.

If there are no players being killed yet, then the game could be paused and the round will be restart with the score from the previous round if the problems are already solved.

If at least 1 player has been killed, the match should be resumed and completed. After that, all players should proceed to waiting room and wait until the problem is fixed, and then the match will be resumed with the last score including the result when the problem occurs.



Arnab Seal: 8981183773

Sayan Sahoo : 8981307126