“Obstacles do not block the path, they make your path”


" Find your own way ". This is the motto.

Paridhi 2017 presents “MAZE-O-MANIA ”, a robotics event for the all the participants.


Team of 4(max)


80 Per Team

Problem Statement:

To build an obstacle detector autonomous bot. The bot will start from a given starting point and will have to make its way to the finish autonomously through a maze.

General Rules:

    The team members can be from the same or different colleges.

    LEGO parts will NOT be allowed.

    Only electrically powered fully autonomous bots are allowed. Failing to do so will lead to direct disqualification.

    Only 220V AC outlet (direct power supply) will be provided for power supply. The participants must make rest of the arrangements to power their bot.

    The potential difference between any two points should not exceed 24 volts.

    Any damage to the arena, intentional or unintentional, will lead to direct disqualification.

    The decision of the event coordinators will be firm and final.

Event Rules:

    The dimensions of the bot should not exceed 25cm*25cm*25cm (Each parameter is liable for a relaxation or tolerance of 10%).

    The path through which the bot will traverse inside the maze will be of width 30cm.

    The height of the wall will be 20 cm(approx.)

    NO dry run will be allowed on the event track. The participants after completing their allotted 20 minutes of dry run, will immediately have to start their final run.

    The event will consist of 2 rounds.

    In the first round, the teams will have to complete the arena within a given time period (will be disclosed on the day of event).

    The rules and details regarding the second round will be announced on the day of finale.

    Scoring Pattern:

      There will multiple check points which will carry 50 points.

      Each team can take a maximum of 3 resets and 1 restart during their run in the first round.

      In case of reset, the bot will have to start from the previously completed checkpoint.

      In case of restart, the bot will have to start from the starting point.

      The Timer will be stopped in both cases.

      Each reset will deduct 30 points.

      Restart will lead to deduction of 100 points.

      If any team completes the track before the time ends, the remaining seconds will be added to the score.

    Prelims Track:


    Sandipan Dey : 9804123419

    Sayan Modak : 7980640474 / 9903943885