Paridhi 2017 presents “DRIOD-UP”, an Android event for all the participants.


Team of 2(max)


50 Per Team


There will be 2 rounds.

Round 1: Remote Screening round

The participants will be given a Genre of application along with some constraints regarding the number of utilities and minimum requirements according to which the participants will have to design an application and submit the same on the day of the event. Please scroll down to see the topic.


1.Design an android application which will extract .mp3,.mp4 files from the storage and list them in the app. The app should be able to play those files . If we exit the app while the file is playing , the app should run in the background until cleared from memory.

The application should contain:-

  1. A Splash Screen
  2. Simple and attractive layout
  3. User-friendly UI

2. Design an android application which will have three buttons.

  1. The first button on click will turn on the wi-fi network and search for available networks in the range and display them on the screen.
  2. The second button on click will show the user, the current status of the battery(Only battery level percentage will do. If you can add more you can do it).
  3. The third button will access the proximity sensor of the device and detect the closeness of any object.If any object is near then display a message on the screen.

Last date of submission is: 19th March 2017 at Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology

i. You need to report to Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology with your project on 18th or 19th March 2017

ii. Register for this event

iii. Submit your project

iv. Get notified about the results!

Marking Scheme: (Total 100 Marks)

Coding structure: 20 marks.
User Interface Design and Appeal: 20 Marks
Responsiveness: 20 Marks.
Uniqueness: 25 marks.
System resource utilization: 15 marks

Results for 1st round will be declared on the website on 19th March 2017 11:59 P.M. (You will also be notified by email and text after 6 P.M. on the same day). Eligible teams should physically report to Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology for rest of the rounds on the day of the event.

Round 2: MCQ round

Simple MCQ round of 20 questions to test the knowledge of participants regarding the subject material.

Marking scheme:

i. For each correct answer 3 marks will be awarded.

ii. For every wrong answer 1 mark will be deducted.

iii. For unanswered questions no marks will be awarded or deducted.


Avirup Choudhury: 9836784312

Arnab Seal: 8981183773