Bull's Eye


"Lets aim for bulleye ".

Paridhi 2017 presents “Bull's Eye”, a gaming event.




10 Per Person

Game play:

General Rules:-

Individual event.

Participants must maintain decorum.

Any form of illegal activities will lead to disqualification.

Decision of coordinators will be final.

Scoring Rules:-

The Dartboard :

This standard dartboard clearly shows the segments associated with each number on the board. Landing a dart in the "20" segment scores you 20 points. Simple. You do need to know the value of the different concentric rings round the board. Please read on.

Single scores:


For any dart landing in the "non-ringed" area of the dartboard you score the number shown at the outside of that segment. As an example, darts landing in the yellow shaded areas would score 13 and 17. 13+17=30.

The Double Ring :

The outer ring counts as double the normal score, usually written as D. In the picture above you can see the yellow highlighting shows D20, D1 and D18. This would score 40+2+36=78 or double the normal score of 20+1+18=39.

The Triple Ring :

Any darts landing in the inner ring score three times their normal value, usually shown as T. In the example above, darts landed in the yellow shaded areas would score T20, T14 and T16. 60+42+48=150. This triples the normal score of 20+14+16=50. You can see that you can increase your score quickly if you can hit the larger numbers in the Triple ring. People scoring 3 T20's in a regional competition may be entitled to a 180 badge as this is the highest scoring shot in darts and is difficult to achieve, especially under competition pressure.

Outer Bull :

The outer bull, shaded in yellow, scores 50 points.

Inner Bull :

The inner bull, shaded in yellow, scores 100 points. This is the point on the board aimed at during the "bull up" which determines the team playing order.


Each participant will get 5 turns.

The scoring system is shown above.

Hitting the bull’s eye twice will lead to an extra turn.

The winner of each round will progress to the next.

Hitting the bull’s eye thrice will lead to 2 extra shots and 100 points.

Hitting the bull’s eye four times will lead to 3 extra shots and 200 points.

Hitting the bull’s eye all five times will lead to direct qualification to next round.

In case of any tie there will be a tiebreaker round whose rules will be declared by the coordinator on spot.

Final rounds will be played in 1 vs 1 knockout format.


Shubham Agarwal: 9883123724