"Even if the destination or the desired object be far away or difficult to achieve one can reach it or if one is determined. Nothing is impossible for a determined person"


Paridhi 2017 presents “Chanakyaneeti”,a Robotics event.


Team of 4(max)


80 Per Team


The difference between the almost right word and the right word is something that really matters - it's the difference between the lightning-bug and the lightning.
Megatronix, the technical club of MSIT, presents the game of mind *Chanakyaneeti*.
So be clever like Chanakya.Find the right word among many using the skills of your bot.

Design a bot which is capable of picking or moving an object from one place to another.

Sample Arena:

**The real Arena may differ from the given sample.

Bot Specification:-

The dimension of the bot must be25cm x 25cm x 20cm or less ,including wheels(+10% tolerance is allowed).

Maximum voltage used for driving the bot should be 20v.

Readymade toys/IC engines/Lego kits are not allowed.

Rules and Regulations:-

Maximum 2 persons can enter the arena.

Each team will be provided with 220V – 50 Hz AC supply. Any kind extra onboard power source have to be arranged by the team themselves.

Participants will get a one-word answer puzzle and they have to solve that whose answer must be 4 letters. They can start running the bot and solve the puzzle simultaneously. Once they get the puzzle, the time will start running. The bot can either pick/push the words but picking will get more priority. The box will contain a wire to lift. After solving the puzzle they have to find the words needed and pocket them in their respective pockets by going through the bridge.

The technical timeout can be taken for just 2 minutes. Point systems will be introduced at the time of start of the event.

The actual arena and game may be somehow different from the uploaded one.

Any destruction in the arena may lead to disqualification.

Coordinator's decision will be final and unquestionable.

Participant must not misbehave or abuse any other participants or coordinators. This can be taken seriously and lead to suspension/disqualification from all the event.


Rahul Raj :  8274864002