Setu Bandhan

"When it comes to building something, we engineers are the best"

Paridhi 2017 presents “SETU BANDHAN”, a bridge making event for all the participants.


Team of 3(max)


80 Per Team

Rules and Regulations:-

200 popsicle sticks would be provided to each team.

50 cm span of bridge (minimum)

3cm should be the minimum width of the deck (a match box should pass through it).

Thread, clip and glue can only be used.glue will be provided (clips and thread should be brought).

1st day you will be given 3 hours for construction. 2nd day, 1 hour for decoration and after that load test will be done. colours and brushes should be brought. and viva will be taken by experienced teachers of the civil department.

Final result will be calculated on load testing,viva and asthetics

Suspension bridge is not allowed

Height of bridge should not exceed the height of one popsicle stick.

You should not bring any extra items with you.if found, you will be disqualified.

Decision of the co-ordinators will be final.


Sandipan Dhar : 8584934764

Saurabh Rai : 9831072290