Hot Shot

"When we say stand-off, we mean FACE-off"

" Lets PLAY TT ". This is the motto.

Paridhi 2017 presents “Hot Shot”, a gaming event only for all the students.




40 Per USER

Rules & Regulations for the Table Tennis Tournament :-

i. Registration is open till the second day of PARIDHI 2017

ii. Each sets will be best of 3 games. Semi finals and final will be best of 5 games.

iii. Each game will be played in 11 points. Who reaches 11 point first will be declared as winner.

iv. Players win in the first/ second day will directly go to the quarter final/pre quarter final (Depending on the number of participants). Winners of first day need not to come on the second day. They have to report on the final day. (Any variation will be communicated through SMS/CALL)

v. Loosing players on the first day/ second day will get a chance to play again through re registration process with different player.

vi. One we reach the number of 16/32 winning players, no further re registration will be done.

vii. All games will be single. No doubles games are there.

viii. Women games depends on registrations. Minimum 10 players should register to carry on the game.

ix. All decision of the judges will be final. Any grievances will be reported to the coordinator in proper manner.


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