Paridhi 2017 presents “S.O.S.”,a Robotics event.


It's 9th December 1971.INS Khukri has been detected by Pakistan Navy submarine Hangor.
With your Amphibian bot respond to the S.O.S. by INS Khukri and rescue it before the torpedoes have done their job. The sands of time are falling fast but beware of the demons that the Arabian Sea hides.
based on a true story......

Problem Statement:-

Starting point for all the ships will be the maze. Maze is situated at a height of 3 feet from the ground. After reaching the end point of the maze, there will be a sliding tunnel through which the saviour ship will directly enter into water zone. The saviour ship will have to face high tides in ocean due to poor weather condition. At first, all the enemy ships are to be put in the lazer zone by the saviour ship. When this is done, the route for the path shower ship will be cleared automatically, which will ultimately help the saviour ship to reach to the safest zone, with the help of the route shown by the path shower ship. Lastly, all the aqua bombs are to be put in the bomb diffusion zone, such that the saviour ship can reach to the safe zone properly and save the INS Khukri.

Sample Arena:

**The real Arena may differ from the given sample.

Event Rules:-

Maximum dimension of the bot should be 25x25 (cm*cm).

One technical timeout of 2 minutes can be given to a team if there is any technical fault in the bot.

A team can take as many restart, but there will be point deduction on each restart.

Adapters of maximum 18 volt dc supply can be used.

In case of any deliberate or accidental damage to the arena, the team will be immediately disqualified.

Lastly, decision of coordinator will be final & unquestionable.


Rahul Raj :  8274864002