The spirit of the competition, remember that Coding Contests are like marathons. Some people go to compete but most people take part to better themselves and have fun.

Hackatronix Beta Rules

Event Type

Single Event

Registration Fee

Rs. 100.

Languages Allowed

C, C++, JAVA, Python


  1. There is only one and final round for this event.
  2. Only Students of First Year and School student are allowed in this event.
  3. Participant must carry valid identity card.
  4. On the first day you have to solve 4-5 programming questions.
  5. Winner will be decided based on number of solved questions and time of last Best Submission.
  6. Time Alloted: 3hr.
  7. In Case of dispute coordinator's decision is final.


Upto Rs. 7,000/-


Rohit Gupta: 8001594323
Raj Jyoti Roy: 9570306067
Rohit Shaw: 9831648222